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4.5 out of 5

S40 2006. Not the ole Volvo

2009-03-20 11:28:55

I have owned 5 volvos. So it was without resevation that I purchased the S40. the positives are ride, saftey, quiet, quick in and out of traffic, comfort, however............ negatives, electrical system: seats, windows, messages not working. Had to take it in to get it reset several times and the third time they fixed it. Oil injector stopped working, air conditioner stopped working, all this started at 40,000 miles and continued until 68,000 miles. expensive to maintain after the warranty goes out and count on something happening. Not the ole dependable volvo.

2006 Volvo S40

I hope my car lives forever...

2008-10-30 01:29:54

I have a silver 2006 s40, and luxury is an understatement. My family has always owned Volvos, so I was used to the safety features, and even expecting a lot of the more frivolous additions, like power seats, heated seats, steering wheel audio controls, etc., but the way it drives is really the reason I'm writing this review. I've never driven a car that handles so well. Maneuvering through traffic, accelerating, braking, everything you do in this car almost makes you feel invincible (not sure that's necessarily a good thing, ******** a testament to the car's capabilities). It offers a comfortable and smooth ride, so much so that I now find it annoying to drive or be a passenger in any other car, including my mother's xc90. Additional fun features include a six-cd changer, rear window defroster, and a display that indicates the number of miles left in your gas tank, as well as one that depicts the artist and song playing on the radio. Very comfortable and roomy on the inside and sleek and beautiful on the outside. Trunkspace is shockingly large for such a compact car. I recommend this sedan to anyone who is looking for comfort and dependability in a car, as well as a little fun.

2006 Volvo S40

Love my Volvo

2007-09-04 10:02:59

Bought my first Volvo in my 30's, I'm now 70 and have lost track of how many I've owned or leased. I hope I will always be able to enjoy the comfort and ease of handling of a Volvo. My first few were the large full sized model, but now I like the ease of handling of the S40. It drives a bit like a sports car, although the first S40 off the assembly line was actually better than the 2006 I have now in terms of interior amenities and handling/acceleration etc. I noticed they've cut back a bit in those areas. This one doesn't have that spontaneous pick up and go I depend on when coming off a ramp and blending with traffic. It's O.K. but a bit more sluggish than the first S40.

I survived a 3 car pile up 5 or 6 years ago without a scratch on me, although the damage to my trunk was considerable.

Of all the cars I've owned this is the first one that attracts attention. People stop and look it over or tell me "its a beauty." Which always makes me grin to myself because most cars look alike to me and I often wonder what distinguishes this one from others.

The sound system, heating and cooling sytems are perfect and the seats...ahh! those wonderful deep seats that heat up at the push of a button, adjust to the lumber region of the spine and rock forward and backwards or up and down for perfect postioning. Such comfort! The seats alone are worth the price of the car. Everyone who rides with me comments on the seats. Just love the way they tuck up under the knees and relax the back. Long trips don't hurt anymore.

Yes! I guess you could say I am having a continuous love affair with my Volvo. Oh! I almost forgot..Volve manufacturers keep their dealers on their toes, I have NEVER had a service problem and the rental car for the day is gratis. All performed with a smile and courteous, prompt service. The factory sends me a questionaire after each service to inquire of the performance. They settle for nothing but a perfect score.

2006 Volvo S40

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