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4.5 out of 5

AFTER 5 Years

2010-02-17 16:18:42

My Matrix now has 130,000 miles , its 5 years old ,mechanicaly it runs great, yes its verry reliable. What I have nitice the past few months is that all the exterior body panels are comming loose the grill is verry to fall off the doors dont shut well like they use to its like the body of the car has deform, yes I drive 100 miles a day to work but I do keep the car in the garage. So far I had to change the timming chain and had to replace a $600 computer in the car, I have heard other Toyota owners had to change the computer or chip inside and ranges between 400- 800 dollars, Thats a rip off. I almost traded in for a new one a few moths ago and ask the Dealer ship if they had computer problems that burn out after a few years, and they are not covered. My last Toyota lasted 300,000 miles I dont think this one will make it past 150k.

2005 Toyota Matrix

372,000 miles in 4 years

2009-03-03 07:32:36

I owned my Matrix for a little over 4 years & put 372,000 miles on her. She still ran as great as she did the 1st day I bought her, until I crashed into another car. Other than a couple sensors going bad this was an excellent car!!

2005 Toyota Matrix

Amazing Car

2007-09-22 02:00:30

We have owned our Toyota Matrix 2005 for over 2 years now and it is the best car we have ever owned. Here are some attributes:

* very comfortable (we are over 6 ft)

* beautiful design

* pretty good gas milage

* Creative Dash area ( I consider the dash front

area important since we look at it all the time) .

* never had any engine problems

* big enough for a child and carrys A LOT of luggage to the airport (usually 9 bags)

* my dog fits nicely in the back hatch area

* some smaller SUV's we have rented have less room!

*excellent excellent price!!!!!!!!

*wonderful high quality stereo system if you get the package that contains the sunroof (otherwise the less expensive package has a stereo that sounds terrible)

*you can lower the seats to create a flat area in half of the back seat (for surf boards/long tents/ski's)

*pretty fast for a hatchback-competes a bit with my old porsche engine in my VW Cabriolet. That was a very surprising bonus!


*the back hatch area has no side windows to open for ventilation

*I would have preferred an option for leather seats, so this would have to be ordered custom

Happy traveling

Kirstin/Northern California

2005 Toyota Matrix

Fantastic little car! Too bad it's not advertised.

2007-09-03 08:51:02

I love my Matrix! I use it for errands around town mainly. But I also travel quite a bit with my 2 small dogs and sometimes with my 2 cats. It's perfect for that too. I get better gas mileage than is listed here (34/39). It handles like a dream. It is the perfect car for just about anybody. Sporty looking, comfortable, great mileage, lots of cargo room. And so many little "hideaways" for storage!

What I don't understand is why it's not advertised---EVER!!! When I got mine I had never heard of one. The salesman steered me to it after asking what type of driving I'd be using it for. And I am so glad he did! Most people I have talked to don't know what it is tho, because it's not advertised. Toyota would sell so many more of them if they would just advertise it. It's a great car! And I have had many many cars in my day. But none have ever come close to being as perfect an all-around car as the Matrix is. Why don't you advertise it?????????

2005 Toyota Matrix

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