2005 Mazda MAZDASPEED MX-5 Miata Reviews

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Best bang for the buck

2009-03-21 08:48:13

My wife bought the 2005 MX-5 speed because she couldn't drive my 530 horsepower 427" Cobra Superformance. Mazda's famous Miata has been refined and refined to the ultimate with this MX-5. I speak with authority because I drove them both. It redefines the term "performance". I have never driven a car that handles as well as this car, it's amazing. It's handling will put the Cobra to shame. It has a factory installed 170HP turbo-charged engine that in reality is plenty of horsepower for such a small car. Highway acceleration from 50 to 90 mph is amazing. It's low profile and wide stance offer the most sure-footed road feel of any car in it's class at half the price. The best bang for the buck. I sold the Cobra. The only criticism is it's gas mileage and low gearing. It has six speeds so I would suggest Mazda put a lower ratio rear (3.08 instead of 3.73) to lower RPM's at 65-70 mph. I get about 30-34 mpg on the highway (without pushing it)

2005 Mazda MAZDASPEED MX-5 Miata

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