2005 Lexus LS 430 Reviews

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5.0 out of 5

Lexus has no equal

2014-01-29 14:16:14

An outstanding machine! You won't find better!

2005 Lexus LS 430

Luxery at its Finest

2007-09-18 02:20:19

Prior to purchasing the 2005 I had owned a 2003. Both were spectacular cars. I drove the 2003 to Florida twice and the 05 three times it is like flying first class. No bumps or grinds, no mechanical problems and great gas mileage averaging above 27 MPG. In June I purchased my third Lexus a LS 460 as you can imagine I am a Lexus fan and unless something happens to change my mind they will have a customer for life. Of the three Lexus's I have owned I have never been to a dealer for a mechanical or cosmetic problem I guess that is why they are rated at JD Power the way the are #!

2005 Lexus LS 430

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