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'04XKR coupe

2008-08-16 00:10:29

Bought it used (4yrs old) with 30K miles, like new condition. Been great so far and the local jag dealer even fixed a couple small items that were wrong when bought, even though it was 2 weeks out of warranty and not bought from them either..super service and all free with a smile and even a free dinner coupon. The car is sexy, but no hard core sports car (but that was expected).Pretty easy to do regular maintence work on (brake pads, filters, oil, etc). Certain "R" related parts are very expensive (brake rotors, shocks, headlights, etc)so check them out 1st. Front seat bottoms are not as comfortable as they should be and I am on the smaller side. Back seat area is a luggage compartment with seat belts, useless for people (maybe very small kids). It is pretty much what I expected and very happy with it, wife loves it.A great used car value (big depreciation rates) when bought correctly. Worth $109 to have a Jag dealer look at it before buying, even if you know cars pretty well, They know what to look for on it. Stick to '03 or newer as they made a lot of small inprovements plus they started to use g ZF 6spd tranny. Great tranny!!!

2004 Jaguar XKR

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