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would buy again in a minute

2008-06-29 08:18:51

We bought this car to get good mileage, and we have not bee disappointed. In good weather, we regularly get 47-51 mpg. In colder weather the mileage drops to the mid to lower 40's. If the tires aren't fully inflated the mileage drops off. Over all, this car has been everything we have expected in a Honda--we have owned several others, and we couldon't be happier with its fuel economy. It is comfortable, and one of us drive it every day. It doesn't have the pick-up of sportier cars, but it is a great car for us and we will keep it for as long as we can. We put on all-weather tires to improve traction in winter, but that is all we have changed.We are so pleased that we bought this car new. It has saved us money for years.

2004 Honda Civic

Review of 2004 Honda Civic

2008-02-21 02:23:49

2004 Honda Civic


2007-10-08 06:21:03

In the process of retiring, I knew I wanted a car that would last and give me the best bang for the buck. It is now 3 years later and Im still having an affair with this car. I made a wise choice with my LX 4 door civic. It hasnt ever given me trouble. I gas up once a month as I just go window shopping and food shopping weekly. It is a miser when it comes to gas. Sometimes I would wonder if the gas meter was broken as it didnt move fast. The true rating for a car would be answering this one question "Would you buy this car again"...my answer


2004 Honda Civic

Review of 2004 Honda Civic

2007-07-28 03:45:00

2004 Honda Civic

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