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5.0 out of 5

2004 Durango is one of the best vehicles I've owned

2010-09-08 19:39:23

I bought my 2004 Durango Limited with Hemi when it was new 6 years ago, and it now has 75K miles but runs & looks new. I intend to keep it for as long as possible, perhaps another 6 years. It has been off-road only a couple of times but held its own. Around the city its been a solid performer and can comfortably transport 7 adults & some cargo when necessary. My kids like it better than our T&C van except the Durango does not have the optional DVD player. Based on my periodic vehicle purchase schedule I would have bought the 2009 or 2010 HYBRID Durango had it not been discontinued by Obama Motors, Inc. The more recent Durangos have a 3rd seat which can accommodate 3 rather than 2 people, and the Hybrid added the obvious increases in fuel economy & a modest increase in power. I may search for one of these in the used market when it comes time for a replacement or if my job requires increased driving. When gas prices rocket up again, the Hybrid system will likely pay for itself.

2004 Dodge Durango

Loving My Durango

2009-04-29 16:28:30

I have a Dodge Durango and I love it. It has seating for 7 and with a family of 5 we need it. It handles, rides, looks and feels great. Don't forget the way it handles. I just think they are alot of money. But, I love it anyway. By far the best car I have ever owned, or driven. For an SUV that is. I hope they are around for a long time.

2004 Dodge Durango

2004 Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi

2008-12-21 23:06:26

I've had my Durango over 4 years and still LOVE IT! It is very smooth driving and handles great! We opted for the 5.7 Hemi because of towing a trailer. I'm so impressed with it's pick-up speed; no problem pulling out into traffic or merging on the highway! Before this Durango, we had a 2000 Durango and at the time, I thought it was awesome, but when we got the 2004 model, I was blown away at the difference! As a mom of young kids, I feel extremely safe driving the kids around, even in a snow storm! I will never drive anything but an SUV and the Durango will probably always be my first choice! Our Durango is loaded and the kids love the DVD player attached to the ceiling of the second row ********* a lifesaver with toddlers!). The heated seats in the front are great for the Chicago area winters. It's a larger vehicle but I love it. The Chevy Suburban was a little too long for us when we test drove one! It's never been difficult to drive, even in the snow, and the 4x4 is an amazing thing to have when the snow flies and gets deep! It gets through anything and is extremely reliable! The only minor thing that sometimes can get to me is the driver window "noise" when it's really windy out. But to me, that's a very minor issue. I've got kids; what's a little "wind"-ow noise! I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who doesn't mind driving a larger vehicle! It's been an awesome ride! Too bad they don't have an "excellent" rating, as that would be my choice across the board!

2004 Dodge Durango


2008-08-05 11:58:14

This truck has impressed me from day 1. The HEMI option should be mandatory. With 345 hp it pulls this big truck like it should.Passing is definitely not a problem in city or highway. The roar of the Hemi is unmistakable. I found if you drive it nicely you can get 22 mpg on the highway.The interior is good, choose the leather option with heated seats, for those who live in the midwest.

2004 Dodge Durango

Love's IT!!!!

2008-01-13 03:10:32

I love it. So much space and a great ride. No issues.

2004 Dodge Durango

My baby!

2007-08-13 09:59:04

Love it! Have the limited, fully loaded. Almost live in the durango, Also own 2004 super charged Monte Carlo ss. Will take the Durango anyday! Durango milage 35,000 Monte Carlo mileage 5000, Purchased 3 days apart (Monte 1st) Which one do you think I prefer?

2004 Dodge Durango

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