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beast or not

2009-03-18 14:16:35

An interesting truck with many interesting features - It has decent power until you get to high speeds in which the gearing slows you pace. Also when trying to run 2WD in the snow or wet on a steep hill forget it even with new tires the supercharger doesn't let you ease slowly enough and you loose traction. Outside its not a bad looking truck (with the stock grill guard of course) though the fender flair plastic clips break easily. The interior is pretty comfortable but when most trucks in this class come with two "mini" seats in the behind the front buckets this car has one leaving the other side for a medical kit. Also if you bought it used you might not have the rubber cup adapters in the console so only very very large drinks will fit. It does have a nice outlet in the center console so you can charge your phone hidden inside the console. The stock sound system is a little to be desired, the stereo works fine but the speaker system is laughable, two tweeters in the A pillar and two mids in the doors, and they blow very easily and I don't turn my music up very loud. Lastly the gas mileage - i get nowhere near the 25 highway 18 or 15 city MPG it was listed for. I get 12.7 MPG average city and maybe 15 MPG highway. I tested the theory of my more aggressive driving being the cause so for three months I drove extremely cautiously in a more fuel efficient manner and the mileage was not much different. Overall not a bad little truck, its fun to drive and comfortable, but I can get better mileage in a 2500 series diesel truck.

2003 Nissan Frontier

Upgraded to a full sized pickup

2009-03-12 22:19:20

just traded in this truck and its got me into some trouble and out of trouble when needed, loved it and it still looks sharp. It had amazing trade in value also, i got 14K for mine.

2003 Nissan Frontier

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