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As long as your mechanic knows how to "fix" it...

2010-05-24 00:11:34

My 2002 VW 6 cylinder Passat was a beautiful car when I bought ********* still reasonably good looking, with a bump or two on it. Gets reasonably good mileage. The caveat: it needs mechanical work all the time ...I mean every few months. You must either take it back to a dealer (costs a fortune) or to a mechanic who knows how to fix Passat's horribly faulty electical system. Everything is a challenge to a mechanic ..my initial one claimed he knew how to fix the car every time it was in the shop...that is, every three months without fail. He lied; he had a "good" reputation, I was suckered into trusting him. Now that I've moved out of state, I found a mechanic who actually does know how to repair what I frequently refer to as "that miserable piece of garbage, VW Passat". I even got suckered by my "original' mechanic into replacing the dead battery with a "new" one. It should have lasted more than 18 months. Another lie by the "trust-worthy" mechanic in North Jersey. Caveat emptor..buyer beware. The Passat is a piece of garbage. Never again! And the "remote" is a piece of garbage as well. Needed to be replaced after 300 *that's correct ...three hundred miles. Nothing was ever, I mean ever, covered by the piece of garbage warranty. Volkswagen, shame on you!!

2002 Volkswagen Passat

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