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2009-10-13 00:01:28

I bought my 2002 Rav4 new off the lot in Dallas. I still love my car today nearly 7 yrs later. I have 80,000 miles on it. Replaced battery, just replaced alternator, brakes, windshield wipers. Other than ********* been pretty dependable. We call it "Zippy". Even though it has the smaller engine you can really zip in and out of traffic when needed and you know exactly there your front is...no guessing. I love it so much I'm about to give it to my mom who is moving in with me and buy a new 2009 model for myself....hopefully with the bigger engine. Car fits driver like a glove. My friend with a Ford Edge loves to drive my car from time to time because it's easier to see other cars and handles well in traffic. If I had a teenager I would buy that as a first car. As you can see, I am putting my 67 yr old mother in one. I trust she will have better visibility. Hope this helped.

2002 Toyota RAV4

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