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A Cool Truck

wmathess 2009-08-16 17:19:06

I bought a 2002 Ford F-150 XL Regular Cab used a few months ago. It has a lift, different tires, and different rims. It also has a 6 foot bed with a 4.2L Triton V6. When I bought it, it had 124,500 miles on it and it currently has around 126,000 on it. I've had no problems so far and I don't guess the old owner had any problems. So, I expect it to last a while longer. This truck only gets 12 mpg but it has work done to it with Flowmaster Dual ************* a nice truck and a head turner.

2002 Ford F-150

Review of 2002 Ford F-150

tlnh 2009-06-20 11:53:29

I currently have 130,000 miles on my 2002, F150 XLT, Supercab. I have owned more than 10 new vehicles. This is clearly the most versatile, comfortable & practical vehicle I have owned. The latest milage calculation was 19.8 mpg in mixed driving. The six cylinder is not the most spirited I have ever owned, yet it is an excellent balance of power & economy. I have not replaced this truck because most new full size trucks today do not offer a six cylinder option. I had six people in it for trips of over 2 hours on several occaisions. I offered to rent a van for a trip to Washington DC, yet my kids said the back seat of the F150 was fine. Maintanence costs have been low. Reliability has been excellent!

2002 Ford F-150

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