2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder Reviews

2001 MR2 Spyder New Car Test Drive


The two-seat MR2 Spyder is a back-to-basics sports car. It has a mid-engine design like some Ferraris (whereby the engine is mounted in front of the rear wheels), rear-wheel drive, and very few creature comforts. Perhaps the best part, though, is that it has a convertible top that lowers in a flash so you can enjoy the essence of top-down motoring. And it does it all for a reasonable price. 

There aren't many changes to the MR2 since it was new last year. 


The beauty of Toyota's strategy with the MR2 Spyder is apparent in its model lineup: one car, few options, starting at $23,595. Toyota calls this 'mono-spec,' which is perhaps a suspect word. Regardless, this single-model, limited-option strategy makes the MR2 less costly to build and distribute. Customers need only choose colors and whether they want leather interior (a new-for-2001 option). Dealers offer wheel locks and an unnecessary cover that can be used when the convertible top is folded. 

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