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In 2009, it still rune like a new car

2009-02-03 22:28:55

I have had a 328i since October 1998. I have only done 44,000 miles, being often out of the country. However, it is still like new and runs extremely well. I changed the four Michelin tires only 1,000 miles ago. It still handles corners tightly -- everyone who rides in it comments on that. I have kept a scrupulous mileage chart this past 10 years and the average mileaage I have got from what are mainly local trips is just under 21 mpg. On long highway runs -- e,g., 260 miles -- I can get as high as 27 mpg. Except for a slightly dowdy-looking rear end -- whichj is nevertheless wide anough (just) for a golf bag -- the car has immense styling, and the chrone edging around the side windows givs the car a elegantly racy look that I love but fail to see on the modern versions where the window surrounds are black. Ordinary maintainance can be very expensive in some BMW dealerships. New brake shoes cost me over $2,000!!!! Apart from this the most serious breakdown was a power amp that melted (rpt melted) --and I do not play rock music!!! I listen mainly to talk radio when driving. All in all a great buy, a great drive and a great car. I will consider another BMW 328/330/335 when the time comes, but only if the window trim is chromed!!!

1999 BMW 328

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