1999 BMW 328 Reviews

1999 328 New Car Test Drive


Ask a dozen professional auto critics to name their favorite sedan in the mid-$30,000 price range, and you won't get a dozen answers. A large percentage of those critics -- maybe a half, maybe two thirds -- will say the BMW 328i. 

Sure, the critics are biased. They tend to put a high priority on performance, and BMW's 3 Series has always performed. The 328i's stock in trade is a sporting flair that few if any comparably priced sedans can match. For the price, the 328i comes about as close as you can get to a sports car with four doors. 

But in today's competitive marketplace, 'sport' isn't enough. So with its redesigned 1999 model, BMW tried to make the 3 Series more comfortable for passengers. The new 328i is roomier, smoother and quieter than ever. Indeed, BMW has done such a good job making the 328i a pleasant place to spend time that a few of those critics might say the car has gotten a little too refined. Yet they'll still tell you it's their favorite sedan for the money. 

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