2015BMWActiveHybrid 3

For Those Who Want Their Top Trim 3 Series Greener The business case is pretty simple: BMW wants a green (or blue, if you like) "liaison" line of models between its standard lineup of cars and the upcoming mega-wow i models. This maximizes choices, fills all niches, and buys time while BMW…


2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3

For Those Who Want Their Top Trim 3 Series Greener
Autoblog Podcast #311

LA Auto Show, Forza Horizon, Lincoln Motor Company
BMW ActiveHybrid 3 is an efficient use of 340 hp

We've learned to expect that hybrid vehicles will produce lower emissions and fuel-consumption scores than their standard gasoline-burning siblings. What we generally don't expect, however, is for that same hybrid to be quicker to 60 than its turbocharged brother or for it to make more overall horsepower.

For Sale

2017 BMW 3 Series
$40,997 / 4,671 miles / CA
2017 BMW 3 Series
$50,475 / 13 miles / CA
2014 BMW 3 Series
$22,995 / 30,461 miles / CA

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