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Do Roundabouts Reduce Accidents?

American Drivers Adapting to European Traffic Circles

If you've driven in Europe or Latin America -- or even in any one of 30 U.S. states including California, Florida and Michigan -- chances are you've driven around a traffic circle or roundabout.

AAA Keeps Drunks Off the Roads by Towing Them Home

After Successful New Year's Eve, Program Readies For Super Bowl

If someone has had too much to drink on a major holiday, several AAA organizations will tow their vehicle home for free, services that were used by more people than ever over the recent holiday period.

Ferrari Developing Mind-Reading Car?

Research Takes Driver Connectivity To A New Level

Stepping into a Ferrari's sleek cockpit is enough to set anyone's pulse racing. But what if that was a bad thing? Italy's most illustrious motoring marque is working on an in-car system that monitors a driver's mental state behind the wheel, according to a British car magazine. Effectively, future mind-blowing Ferraris may also read a driver's mind.

Automakers Go Big at CES in Las Vegas

Technology is Driving Force In Automotive Marketing

Car companies were the stars of this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with Audi, GM and Ford grabbing the show's vital "wow" factor with their displays of gadgets, apps, and sophisticated electronic wizardry.

Top 10 Grand Theft Auto Stories of 2010

Lojack Releases List of Audacious Auto Recoveries

Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Jovan Haye knows a thing or two about defense -- but when thieves stole his luxury SUV, he was powerless to intercept them. Fortunately, his car's security tracking device allowed him to recover his vehicle.

Can You Get A DUI Without Driving?

Can you get a DUI without driving? Though it seems an oxymoron, the answer is yes. You'd be surprised how many drivers don't realize it could happen.

These Drivers 'Win The Lottery' For Driving Under The Speed Limit

Man's Innovation Gets Put To Use In Sweden

Imagine you could win the lottery just by driving safely.

Is Buying An American Car Trendy?

Poll Shows Uptick In Patriotic Sentiment

Jim Kosobucki knows better than most that consumers increasingly are looking to buy an American car. He says the used lot at his South Florida Buick-GMC dealership is "full" of Audis, Acuras, Infinitis and Toyotas that his customers have traded in for a GM vehicle. "In South Florida, it's a very foreign-car market. Lexus, BMW and Audi do very well. But in the past couple of

Engineering Out That New Car Smell

Carmakers Want To Eliminate Noxious Odors

Ask any auto enthusiast their favorite smell and they'll likely tell you new car smell. (They'll also probably mention racing gas and tires.) But Ford product tester and "smell juror" Sandra Edwards hates new car smell. Her job, she tells AOL Autos, is to select products and materials that don't contribute to that special scent once coveted by new car buyers. "I'm one of few people that don't like

High-Mileage BMW Is A Treasure

Octogenarian Racks Up 400,000 Miles

When Murray Fowler first ripped around Southern California in his 1969 BMW 2800CS coupe, there wasn't a whole lot there. He remembers weaving around orange groves and oil fields and "not a lot else" between the small town of Corona and the Pacific Ocean. If anyone asked where he got his rare car he'd tell them: "They're hard to find. But soon, there'll be

Top 10 Tips For Cheap Car Rental

Spend Your Cash On Your Vacation, Not Your Rental

If you believe the commercials starring tennis great John McEnroe, renting a car is as easy as striding through rows of shiny new cars, picking one and driving off. We say: You cannot be serious. For business travelers who rent through loyalty programs, the pick-any-car-and-drive-off scenario has some substance, but for the average traveler it's just not going to happen. But how can a consum

What's The Most Popular Car Color For 2010?

Black Is Back, For Luxury Car Owners At Least

Briefly noting silver's continued reign as the overall most popular car color, perhaps the most striking statistic of PPG's latest car color survey is that black -- and shades of black, which, indeed, exist -- opened a wide lead over the ubiquitous silver in the North American luxury car segment. Jane Harrington at PPG Industries says traditional black is being upgraded to suit more re

Virtual Volvos And Other Unreal Rides

Carmakers Take Marketing Inside Video Games

Video games are all about exploring different worlds, from the fantasy of World of Warcraft to the science fiction of Mass Effect to the cartoons of Mario's Mushroom Kingdom. But there are plenty of games that feature at least somewhat realistic depictions of our contemporary world, with people, cities, buildings, and cars. And car manufacturers are increasingly seeing this as a marketing op

Is Your Car Made in America?

It's Growing More Difficult To Tell

It used to be pretty obvious which cars were built in the U.S. (Detroit's Big Three of Ford, GM and Chrysler) and which weren't (everything else). Then in the 1980's the Japanese started building cars here, which made for some interesting arguments about what constituted an "American" car. But in today's global economy, it's even harder to answer the question: Is your car m

Couple Stranded By Nav System

Dont Let It Happen To You

When Starry Rhoads and her husband John followed their navigation system's directions to take a road through Oregon's picture-perfect winter wilderness, they never once thought that their lives would be in danger. Marked as a through road by the aftermarket GPS device in their Toyota 4x4, it would eventually peter out to become little more than a rutted country pathway. But by this tim

Imagine A Future In Which Cars Run On Human Waste

How's this for a car that runs on "alternative" fuel? The Bio Bug, an innovative project created by a sewage treatment facility in Britain, harnesses the gassy byproduct of human waste to power a VW New Beetle. While the car may run like stink, it doesn't smell like it.

How The Car Companies Track Down Testimonials

Just How Real Is Reality Advertising?

If you’re a car enthusiast who loves a particular auto brand, then Danya Solomon wants to hear from you. Solomon, 30, from the San Francisco Bay Area, styles herself as a “people detective” for car companies. She tracks down drivers for so-called “docu-mercial” advertising campaigns for major companies, including Toyota and Ford, in what she sees as a growing trend to

Speed Here And You'll Be Fined Up To $1,000

States With the Worst Speeding Ticket Fines

How much were you fined the last time you were stopped for speeding? Depending on where you live, the penalty could range from under a hundred bucks to a couple of thousand dollars or more, even for a first offender. All across America, local legislators seemingly have one eye on road safety and the other on cash-strapped coffers. But is it as simple as that? We take a look. And if you haven't bee

Toyota Actors Have New-Found Swagger

Viral Minivan Ad Is A YouTube Hit

It's the viral video hit of the summer, featuring a tricked out ride and banging hip-hop beats complete with a hard-rolling mack daddy and a fast-talking momma. And two kids. "Where our kids at? Where our kids at?" ask acting leads Rachael Drummond and Brian Huskey in a hip-hop cadence while striking faux-gang signs. Then Huskey looks at Drummond and says: "No seriously, honey, where a

Ads On License Plates Could Be Trend of the Future

But Is It A Good Idea? No.

In the not-too-distant future, your choice of license plates could generate some serious cash. California, land of vanity license plates and stadium-sized advertising billboards, is exploring combining elements of both in a new scheme to use digital license plates that deliver advertising. It’s one state senator’s idea to help plug the state’s $19 billion budget deficit and could

You Got Caught Speeding Well Over The Limit. Now What?

Caught at 100 MPH

Basketball phenom LeBron James has one. As does actor Matt Dillon. So, famously, does politician Al Gore's son. You may think it's a Bentley, Benz or even a Prius, or the latest celebrity accoutrement, but we're not talking about that. All of these famous individuals have a speeding ticket citation for allegedly driving above 100 mph. As the three drivers were cited in three different states, they

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