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Ask Autoblog: Should I get a new Audi A3? Or Certified Pre-Owned A4?

Now there's a brand I can talk about from experience. In fact, I've purchased 2 Audis in the last 2 years. And they were both Certified Pre-Owned. One came from the dealer and the other was from a private-party sale of a CPO A4. Regarding the A3, I've driven it, but I'll defer the driving reviews to the car magazines (or Walt). Although we're talking about comparing two Audis, the CPO versus new question can be applied to a wide range of makes. James M., since your question was brief, I'll ba

Gran Turismo 4 soundtrack

We got our hands on the soundtrack list for Gran Turismo 4 and unfortunately we're not impressed. It looks like I'll be falling back on my tried and true method of playing my own music collection while having the sound effects on and music off on the game. I may be a music snob but I don't know