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Jul 23rd 2006 at 3:15PM

The Wothahellizat: Winnegabos weep in its presence

We hereby nominate the Wothahellizat built by Australian photographer Rob Gray as the Most Bitchin Thing on Wheels for 2006. Being a nature photographer, Gray and his wife, Chris, often spend long stretches of time out in the Australian wilderness and needed a vehicle that would be part condo, part off-roader, no compromises. The couple is able to spend months at a time out in the field with the 6x6 Wothahellizat thanks to a list of features that's too long to list.

Some of the highlights include an over-cab bedroom with hydraulically operated roof, a self-supporting deck that folds into the back, a "garage" large enough for two mountain bikes, eight roof-mounted solar panels, a real toilet, and anything else you would expect in a regular motor costing somewhere in the six-figure range. If you're in the market, Gray is willing to part with the Wothahellizat for around USD $250,000, which isn't unreasonable.

For more information on the Wothahellizat visit its website, and check out a full gallery of pics and a complete spec list after the jump courtesy of Rob Gray.