The now-confirmed smaller Lucid SUV will be called 'Earth,' trademark suggests

A patent application gave away the brand's most affordable nameplate

Lucid’s new Gravity SUV is expected later this year, but earlier this year, the automaker filed trademark applications for what is expected to be a smaller, much more affordable electric SUV. InsideEVs found the application for the “Earth” nameplate, scheduled to land in 2026, behind the Gravity.

Three model names popped up in the United States Patent and Trademark Office application: Earth, Lucid Earth and Earth Dream Edition. Lucid reportedly plans to start production in 2026, and it should land as the company’s least expensive model. Sized similarly to the Tesla Model Y, it will also feature a competitive price, with the cost of entry expected to slide in under the $50,000 mark.

Lucid’s CEO also confirmed the vehicle during the automaker’s first-quarter earnings call, though the Earth name wasn’t known until the trademark application was discovered. Peter Rawlinson said the midsize model would be priced “around $48,000” and noted that the company would chase “unrivaled levels of efficiency” to deliver the range numbers Lucid customers expect.

The Earth could be a make-or-break model for the automaker, and two years is plenty of time for its better-funded competitors to make updates. The Model Y is overdue for a refresh, though recent layoffs and upheaval at Tesla could throw a wrench into the gears and slow things down.

Though it has major backing from the Saudi Arabian government, Lucid’s fortunes are anything but set in stone. The company’s first-quarter deliveries were up from the same period in 2023, but its projection of 9,000 units for this year is around 25% short of analysts’ expectations. Rawlinson said he is confident that the upcoming Gravity will help boost volume, but the automaker has reported significant losses per unit delivered, making it unclear how Lucid could achieve profitability without a sustained effort to reduce its supply chain and production costs.

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