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Mercedes-AMG One caught looking road-ready in new spy photos

Hypercar has its road-legal bits outside, a howling hybrid powertrain inside

Mercedes AMG One 1
  • Mercedes AMG One 1
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  • Mercedes AMG One 1
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The Mercedes-AMG One hypercar was caught on public roads looking about as production-ready as a prototype can get. The new electrified flagship is expected to produce at least 1,100 horsepower thanks to a hybrid powertrain based on a turbocharged, 1.6-liter V6 engine capable of turning 11,000 RPM. 

Shown here in its tamer, low-speed mode (wing retracted, front aero elements closed), this prototype has most of the bits necessary to make it road legal, such as what appear to be its final lighting elements and body work. Underneath, the One packs a hybrid powertrain similar (but not identical) to that found under the cowling of a Formula One car. It has been scaled back from race spec for cost, emissions and durability reasons, but it's nonetheless a jaw-dropping piece of engineering.

This is a car that boasts a lot of big numbers, but there's one that isn't so impressive: 275. That's the number of Ones that Mercedes-AMG will build. They've reportedly all been spoken for at this point, too, so if you're not already in line (hey, we're just guessing here), you'll have to appreciate this one from afar. We expect Mercedes-Benz to announce an official delivery schedule sometime soon. 

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