What the 'black box' from the SUV Tiger Woods was driving may store

Investigators executed a search warrant to retrieve the data recording device

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department executed a search warrant on Monday to obtain the so-called "black box" recording device from the Genesis GV80 that professional golfer Tiger Woods was driving when he was involved in a single-vehicle crash last week. According to a report from USA Today, however, officials are not seeking blood samples from Woods to determine if he was driving under the influence of medication.

U.S. regulations require data recorders to store 15 data points that include speed up to five seconds before impact, whether and how much the gas pedal was pressed, whether the brakes were applied, whether the driver's seat belt was fastened, whether the front air bags inflated and the change in forward speed.

Data regarding the use of automated driving assistance and camera systems does not have to be stored. Still, modern vehicles are chock full of computers and sensors, and the GV80 is likely to have a great deal of information stored in its digital memory, including the events that happened with the vehicle prior to the crash. As far back as 2005, 64% of all vehicles sold in the United States were equipped with some sort of data recording device, and all new vehicles sold today have some recording capabilities. 

"Traffic collision investigators are continuing the investigation into the cause of the collision involving Mr. Woods," Deputy Trina Schrader said in a statement. "On March 1, 2021, they executed a search warrant to retrieve data from the vehicle's 'black box.'"

"At this time, there is no additional information regarding the recovered data," she added.

Woods suffered a serious injury to his right leg when the SUV he was driving went off a Los Angeles County road and rolled over on a downhill stretch known for crashes. The injury required surgery. Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Woods was not drunk and was driving alone in good weather when the SUV hit a raised median, went across oncoming lanes and rolled several times.

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