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5 reasons why the new DJI Mini 2 will make a great gift

Plus 1 reason why we still love the original Mavic Mini

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You can buy the brand new DJI Mini 2 from the DJI store for $449 right now. Upgrade to the flymore combo for an additional $150 ($599 total) and get 3 intelligent flight batteries, spare propellers and more. Read on and you’ll learn why we think this pocket-sized drone would make a great holiday gift for anyone on your shopping list, including yourself. 


Let’s be real, drones are awesome. While it’s hard to quantify the fun factor for the Mini 2, because we haven’t flown it yet, we have flown (and own) the first Mini and we love it. The Mini was quick to get the hang of, right out of the box, and we expect the same will be the case for the Mini sequel.  


It’s not cheap but what you get is a more-than-capable prosumer drone that is tons of fun to fly, easy to master, and will deliver stunning results.


At just 249 grams the pocket sized Mini 2 has added 4K video capability without adding any weight. The 249-gram figure is significant because it means that the Mini 2 (like the first Mavic Mini) doesn’t have to be registered with the FAA, making the Mini 2 a great gift for beginning flyers, travelers, or even the experienced flyer looking to add portability to their fleet. 

4K video

Perhaps the most noteworthy new feature that makes the Mini 2 an upgrade from the Mavic Mini is that the 12 megapixel sensor can film 4K at 30 frames per second. It also still includes all of DJI’s “Quick Shots,” which can get you some great results even if you aren’t an expert pilot. You can also quickly share the results with social media.  


The Mini 2 is the Mini but enhanced. The upgrades include OcuSync 2.0 for longer range (6 miles of HD video transmission up from 2.49 miles), longer flight time (31 minutes up from 30 minutes — every minute counts), level 5 wind resistance (can resist winds up to 24 mph), three new panorama still photography modes (wide-angle, 180°, and sphere) and as we mentioned before, the 3-axis gimbal with 4K camera. 

WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! Go here to find out what the DJI Mini 2 comes with. 

The original Mavic Mini is still worth buying! Here’s why. 

It’s worth buying for most of the reasons we recommend the new Mini 2: Portability — At 249 grams it’s just as light and gives you all the portability as DJI’s newest flycam. Solid value — It’s currently $399 at several retailers. But the main reason why the OG Mini is worth considering can be posed as a question: Do you need 4K video? If you don't, the drone for you could be the Mini. Unless you have a computer that can easily edit 4K footage and you export your finals in 4K and watch your videos on a 4K monitor you won’t be taking advantage of the Mini 2’s 4K camera and you probably won’t miss the extra 1.3K.

You can find the original Mini on Amazon for $399 - https://amzn.to/3etzlaL

Or at B&H for $399.99 https://fave.co/38deiYI

Or at Best Buy for $399.99 https://fave.co/3etAKOz

Or at the DJI store for $399 https://fave.co/32ea8fI

If you don’t want to splurge for the flymore combo (you can buy it here from DJI or here from Amazon — both currently priced at $499) — we at least recommend getting an extra battery or two. Because while there is a ton to love about the Mini and Mini 2 our biggest gripe is that it doesn’t have the longest flight time. 

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