Zeltini Z-Triton is a boat, trike and cabin all in one

Zeltini Z-Triton_2
Zeltini Z-Triton_2
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Zeltini is a Latvia-based design studio that dabbles in a variety of design products and projects. The prototyping shop has envisioned a modern outhouse with a roof garden, a futuristic ceiling lamp shade, a combo houseboat-trailer, and the product seen above, the Z-Triton. It's part trike, part two-person cabin, and part boat.

Via Uncrate, Zeltini operates on eight core principles: creative, sustainable, fun, ethical, innovative, unique, beautiful, and local mentality on a global scale. So, it's no surprise the products it makes are unlike anything else. 

The story of the amphicar is a familiar part of transportation lore, but an attached trike adds a completely different element. Judging by the photos, Zeltini started building the prototype by creating a tubular tricycle frame. It features a massive front wheel, two smaller rear wheels, a front trellis frame, and an overall shape that's not too dissimilar from a pedicab. On top of that frame, Zeltini built a wooden cabin that is long and flat in the middle and pops up into an angular dome in the rear. 

Zeltini calls the Z-Triton a houseboat-trike or a tiny amphibious home-slash-camper. When needing to get from one place to the other, the wheels can lock into tricycle mode. When inspired to get onto open water, the wheels flip up, bouies come out, and the thing floats. And for the time in between traveling and relaxing on a lake, the cabin is long enough to sleep two small people. It also is equipped with two 250W electric motor hubs for assisted driving and an electric outboard motor. It supports up to 24.9 miles on land and 18.6 in water

Pricing for the Z-Triton has yet to be announced, but there's a second option. Locals can rent the trike boat

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