Toyota Land Cruiser shreds sand dunes in astonishing desert drone footage

Shot and produced by Johnny FPV

Johnny Schaer, known by his brand name Johnny FPV, zoomed onto our radar back in 2018 when he captured drifting with some of the best drone footage and handling we've ever seen. Based in Chicago, he's a drone racer and specialist who also uses his skills to create first-person video content that's unlike anything seen before. His most recent video, which dropped this week, explores all parts of Abu Dhabi, from the city to the track to the dunes.

The first Johnny FPV video we posted was strictly about Formula Drift, as was the second one we posted in 2019. While those clips were restricted to a racetrack, this video is a little different. Edited by New York City-based Jake Irish and set to a soundtrack from the two-brothers band Two Lanes, "Sandscape" visits Abu Dhabi's vast environment from an aerial perspective. 

That doesn't mean the video is devoid of drifting. The two-minute clip opens up to a sunset over gorgeous shadowy sand dunes before jumping to a track, where we see two done-up fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro Super Sports drifting on the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. These cars are actually drift taxis at the track, and you can reserve a ride in them, should this video give you the itch.

The short spurt of drifting quickly shifts to a Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 ripping through sand dunes. This car is part of desert tours that are offered by Emirates Tours and Safari LLC. Those excursions are offered in full day, half day, or overnight packages and include the dune driving, belly dancing, BBQ, camel riding, sand boarding, and more.

The rest of the sharp-cutting, twisting, roller-coaster-like footage visits many famous sights and scenes from all over Abu Dhabi. Check out the incredible video above and see more of Johnny FPV's work on YouTube.

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