Prince Charles visits Aston Martin with his Aston, helps build a DBX, draws tabloid ire

The tabloid ire is undeserved

A very British thing happened this week: Prince Charles visited Aston Martin's new factory in St. Athen, driving there in his own Aston Martin. He took his DB6 that over a decade ago was converted to run on waste wine (yes, really) and was used in William and Kate's wedding.

His visit included touring the new factory that will build the 2020 Aston Martin DBX, as well as talking with Aston's apprentices. A plaque was placed to commemorate the visit. Aston also let him put the finishing touch on a DBX, placing the front badge. The bad news is, no one will be able to say their DBX was partly made by royalty, as the car Prince Charles finished was a pre-production model. The good news is that customer DBXs will have their badges applied professionally, and while Prince Charles' badge placement skills may be fine, we trust the pros to ensure secure and aligned fitment.

Maybe we shouldn't pile on, after all, Prince Charles attracted the ire of a British publication called Express. The tabloid secured footage of Charles pulling up to the factory in the DB6, and proceeded to deride a lack of turn signal and clipping the center line while making the turn. Of course if you watch the video yourself, you'll see that, yes, he did fail to signal, but otherwise his turn seemed entirely boring and inoffensive. We at Autoblog see vastly worse driving on a daily basis, so we think the tabloids ought to cut Charles a break on that turn.

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