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Zero SR/S electric motorcycle boasts up to 201 miles of range

The standard unit is rated at 161 miles

2020 Zero SR-S 5
  • 2020 Zero SR-S 5
  • 2020 Zero SR-S 5
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Following the launch of the super-cool SR/F electric streetfighter in 2019, Zero Motorcycles is once again expanding its lineup for 2020 with the new SR/S. The SR/S adds a different style to the Zero range, with full aerodynamic fairings, as well as a more comfortable and refined riding experience. 

The SR/S is positioned as one of the company's most premium bikes, as it has some of the best power and range specs of the bunch. Like the SR/F, the SR/S uses an air-cooled ZF 75-10 electric motor and a 14.4 kWh lithium-ion battery to make a claimed 110 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque. Peak power on the rear-drive bike comes at 5,000 rpm, and its top speed caps at 124 mph. 

The SR/S will be available as a Standard model or a Premium model, and an extra-cost Power Tank boosts range on both. Without the pack, the Standard and Premium bikes are rated to achieve 161 miles of range in the city, 82 miles on the highway, and 109 miles combined. With the tank, those numbers go up to 201 miles city, 103 miles highway, and 136 miles combined. 

In addition to the Premium model having heated hand grips and aluminum bar ends, it also has upgraded charging capabilities. With Level 2 chargers, the Premium SR/S, which has a standard 6-kW charger, can charge up to 95 percent full in roughly two hours. With an added 6-kW rapid charging option, for a total of 12 kW, that number is cut in half to one hour. On the Standard model, which has a 3 kW charger, it takes four hours to charge to 95 percent, while adding the 6-kW rapid charging option breaks that down to approximately 1.3 hours.

Although this is a sport bike, Zero touts its comfort. With a relatively low foot position, highish handlebars, and a seat height of 31.0 inches, the SR/F has a more upright position but maintains efficiency with fairings and a windscreen. Zero says crouching down behind the windscreen results in a 13-percent increase in range over the SR/F, though no other parameters were mentioned.

The SR/S has all the usual tech goodies of a Zero, as well. Equipped with Zero's Cypher III operating system, the SR/S has the built-in capability to monitor the bike's status, as well as charging status. The bike also collects shareable data and is capable of system upgrades and updates. These connected features come free for the first two years of the bike. 

Zero has already started shipping the SR/S to dealers. Before taxes, fees, and government credits, the SR/S Standard starts at $19,995, while the SR/S Premium starts at $21,995. The Power Tank costs an extra $2,895, but that is not available until March 1, 2020. All Zero motorcycles are eligible for a 10% federal tax credit for plug-in vehicles.

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