Fill 'er up at this New Jersey gas station that dates from 1922

They still use old-fashioned pumps.

New Jersey is the only state that outlaws self-serve gas stations (Oregon allows limited self-serve), so filling up in the Garden State is always a bit of a retro experience, sitting in the car while an attendant fills your tank. But, a website that chronicles vintage roadside attractions, recently came across one Jersey service station where filling up is even more of a retro experience: Guy's Auto Service in Washington, New Jersey, which dates from 1922.

Guy's has been in the same family for three generations, when the current owner's father (the original Guy) bought it 60 years ago. His son, Guy, now owns it, and his son, also Guy, works there. It's not just the building that's vintage, the pumps are, too, although not to the same degree. One dates from the 1950s and others are from the '70s.

The station originally was affiliated with Standard Motor Fuel of New Jersey. Today, it's an independent gas station. And just like filling stations of old, Guy's also does service and repairs. If you find yourself in central Jersey and are feeling nostalgic, use voice commands to set your GPS navigation to 237 W. Washington Avenue, Washington, NJ, and tell 'em, "Fill 'er up."

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