Cat takes a 130-mile trip under the hood of a car

She was unharmed

Before the book on 2019 is officially closed, there's one last entry that needs submission. It's a story of courage, of patience, and of strength. In England, an unknowing driver took a 130-mile trip with a cat in the engine bay. The animal, though shaken, was discovered at the destination unharmed.

According to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, via BBC, this cat was found in East London on Christmas. The female tortoiseshell had just survived a terrifying roadtrip under the hood of a random person's car. The driver, who had just ventured about 130 miles from Birmingham, England, had no idea the animal was hitching a ride, and he was shocked when meowing tipped him off. 

Although the man was reportedly not very friendly to the situation, passersby handled the situation and got the cat to the Animal Trust for care and attention. As they tell it, "the driver would have been quite happy for the cat to have been released into the street in a different city, but fortunately the people outside the flats managed to grab her and rushed her into the nearby flat of one of the residents before she had a chance to bolt. We collected her by which time she’d calmed down and she is obviously a sweet, very friendly and, we suspect, much loved pet. Unfortunately she isn't microchipped."

Without a microchip, the mission to return the feline back to her owner will prove significantly more difficult, but Celia is hoping word of mouth and social media sharing can make the reconnection. 

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