Volvo recalls 2011-17 S60 and V60 for doors that could come open

Nearly 145,000 cars have door latches that could fail

Even the best make mistakes. Volvo, widely known for its sharp safety acumen, has discovered a potentially faulty part on select 2011-2017 S60 and V60 models. On some vehicles, a piece of the door latch could break, which could lead the user to believe the door is closed when it's not. As a result, Volvo has issued a recall covering nearly 145,000 vehicles.

In total, the recall potentially affects 144,937 cars, including the S60, S60L, S60 Cross Country, V60, and V60 Cross Country. The sedans and wagons, between 2011 and 2017 model years, might have "a component within the door latch" that could break. In particular, Volvo warns, "if the vehicle is exposed to extreme hot climate over time, the latch may be weakened and may break while being used."

If the part does fail, it could potentially create a dangerous situation by leaving passengers exposed. If the door is not properly secured, it could come open while driving. The Swedish company estimates that 100 percent of the cars have the faulty part.

To fix the problem, Volvo went back to the drawing board and redesigned the door latches. Affected customers can bring their cars into the dealership, and Volvo will replace the front and rear side doors, free of charge. Recall notices will be sent out starting January 4, 2020. For more information, review NHTSA campaign No. 19V849000 or Volvo recall No. R89978. 


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