Thor24 hammers for $12 million

It took 7 years, $7 million to build the 24-cylinder, 3,424-horsepower semi

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We’re sure you’re still having dreams about the Thor24 semi-truck we shared with you last week. It’s rather difficult to stop thinking about a 24-cylinder, 12-supercharger, 3,424-horsepower big rig. That truck, built by Mike Harrah, was offered by Worldwide Auctioneers at the state-sponsored Riyadh Auction and Salon in Saudi Arabia. It was the first time Worldwide Auctioneers (based out of Indiana) held this auction in Saudi Arabia.

When the hammer dropped, the Thor24 was at $12 million, a handsome profit for Harrah. The truck took seven years and approximately $7 million to build, and we’re glad someone appreciated the work and craftsmanship to spend this kind of money on it. As the truck weighs over 30,000 pounds, it wasn’t actually transported to Saudi Arabia for the auction. It was built in Arizona, and we can’t even begin to imagine transportation costs for such a gigantic piece of machinery.

If you want the full rundown of everything going on in the truck, check out our original post where we take an in-depth look at this feat of custom vehicle building. Not only does it have two 12-cylinder engines and 12 superchargers, but it actually runs. The truck is so heavy that it needs four Simpson drag parachutes to stop, as the brakes aren’t fully capable of doing the job. A freaking jet helicopter engine acts as a generator to power features like a 40-inch TV and rocking audio system. The goalposts for excess have been moved further down the field, folks. And that’s not even the start of it.

We hope whoever paid $12 million for this masterpiece plans on bringing it all over the place for the public to admire. Seeing this beast run in the flesh is an experience anybody could appreciate.

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