Dartz Prombron Black Stallion is the alternate-universe Hummer H2

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If you're not familiar with Latvian tuner Dartz, you should be. Where else will you get a corporate tagline like, "Bulletproof opulence trusted by billionaires, tzars, superstars, generals and dictators since 1869?" Last time we heard from the Baltic maker of amazing was with the Prombron White Horse in 2014, which was only for the Chinese market. CEO Leonard Yankelovich and his crew return to the darkness they prefer with this, the Prombron Black Stallion, which is for everyone; the boss said it will appear in a studio-backed motion picture, making the Black Stallion the second entry that we know of in Dartz's movie car division after Sacha Baron Cohen's "The Dictator." Jalopnik said the truck's name pays respects to a Sikorsky helicopter, likely the Stallion heavy-lift lineup in Sea, Super, and King versions. 

Yankelovich told Jalopnik he couldn't reveal the name of the movie we'll get to see this onyx ingot in, nor could he reveal the vehicle platform the Black Stallion is based on. Whereas Dartz's standard creations are built on Mercedes-Benz GLS chassis', it doesn't take much to figure out that we're dealing with Hummer H2 bones here. A since-removed picture of the Black Stallion's interior could hammer home the point, but the hulking two-box shape that defined the early 2000s can't be missed.

Frankly, we're totally cool with this build. Perhaps that's because it's so restrained compared to Dartz traditional aesthetic, even though the Black Stallion's still a bit much. Mixing it up with the angular carbon fiber and steel, we're told there's alligator skin, stingray skin, and genuine wood trim inside. The recurring motif of a skull in a leather pilot's cap and goggles leads us to believe the movie character who drives this will love non-stop action and have a tendency to leave a trail of explosions. We can't wait to see it.

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