This sophisticated robot dog could be in your home sooner than you think

See Spot run. See Spot fetch. See Spot use his 360-degree vision and attachable arms to plan his total domination of humanity.

Transcript: Sophisticated robot dog for sale. Boston Dynamics is ready to sell “Spot” its robot dog. Spot Mini debuted back in 2017 and after much testing and many upgrades there is a version for sale. Spot is designed for things like patrolling construction sites or monitoring public safety. Spot can climb stairs and maneuver rough terrain. It has a top speed of 3.6 mph and can operate for 90 minutes when fully charged. Spot uses 360-degree vision to avoid obstacles and people. Attachable arms allow spot to interact with objects. Spot has an IP54 rating protecting it from water and dust. It is durable and designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Pricing details have not yet been released. 

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