Freestyle motocrosser Mat Rebeaud takes to the skies on electric power

On an electric bike, the only sound you'll hear is the cows

When Swiss freestyle motocross rider Mat Rebeaud normally throws a leg over a high-flying two-wheeler like his preferred KTM 350 SX-F, it's usually running on gasoline. That means the spectacle involves more than just flips and spins. It's usually rather loud, too. And while an aural attack can sometimes add to the fun of a motorsports event, it's not always desirable, or really even allowable.

Enter the video you see above, in which Rebeaud launches himself over a series of jumps cut into an idyllic countryside. The loudest thing you'll hear is the cows. Don't believe us? You'll just have to see and hear for yourself.

The lack of shrieking pistons and booming exhaust notes highlights the potential for motocross tracks to be located near more densely populated areas, without unduly bothering residents of nearby neighborhoods. This video also neatly dispels the notion that electric dirtbikes are underpowered. Sadly, the Alta Redshift MX is no longer available since the company ceased operations late in 2018, but as this video clearly shows, there's could be a bright future ahead for electric off-roaders.

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