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Aston Martin DBX spied looking like a finished product

Production lights, exhaust and grille reveal themselves

Aston Martin DBX
Aston Martin DBX / Image Credit: CarPix
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The Aston Martin DBX is inching closer to its December reveal, and today we get to see the SUV in its most finished form yet. One of our spy shooters managed to catch a DBX out and about with production headlights, taillights, door handles and rear fascia. It’s great to see the DBX like this, because until now we’ve only seen it in the mule-like form that Aston wanted us to see.

Taking a look at the rear end is where things really start coming together. Instead of the odd, pod-like taillights, some slick and thin light fixtures extend from the ducktail spoiler into the rear fender. They look proper on the rear end of the SUV. Just a bit below these are the two exhaust outlets. There’s still plenty of camouflage about, but the exhaust tips and molding around it appears to be production-spec. It’s interesting to see the exhaust so high up on the rear bumper in an SUV, and they also stick out a fair amount. Just watch for the flaming hot tips when loading and unloading items directly after driving it.

We also gain a better understanding of what the grille is going to look like up front. Instead of the wire mesh we’ve been looking at before, this maw has actual slats and a defined shape. The headlights look like production units, and there are cutouts for possible foglights down there, too. Instead of the unfinished rear door handles, Aston appears to have installed the electric pop-out units we’ve been seeing in the front for awhile. There are more creases and muscular lines visible all over the vehicle that were covered up previously, too.

As September quickly approaches, the DBX’s reveal in December isn’t that far out anymore. A few more months will pass, and then the first Aston Martin SUV will be out. There will be plenty of Mercedes-Benz part sharing, but we’re still excited to see what an Aston SUV ends up like

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