There's a new Wiesmann under that sheet

Wiesmann's website is also poised to relaunch in September

Wiesmann Sports Cars GmbH, the company that previously released cars such as the MF3, the GT MF4, and the GT MF5, is getting back into the game this year after taking time to regroup. The German sports car brand relaunched its website with a teaser of a new car, shown under a sheet in a dark factory. 

After dealing with bankruptcy issues around 2013-2014, Wiesmann was bought out by Contec Global Group, which has main offices in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. It calls itself an information technology and services corporation, and it lists its core mission to be "using technology to sustainably advance humanity." In a 2017 Forbes interview, Contec Global Managing Director Roheen Berry said this about the acquisition: 

Our technological expertise is fundamentally complimentary to the automotive industry, a market Germany stewards, much like that of its economic leadership of present-day Europe. Accordingly, the German market offered a uniquely attractive environment for entrepreneurial achievement.


It was a strategic business decision for our Group to acquire the Wiesmann brand, as we view great synergy in their malleable methodology set out by design to appeal to evolving customer tastes with that of our corporate mantra of predicting the next great evolution in ‘supply’ as a forecast to advancing market ‘demand.'

We're not totally clear on what any of that means. But we do know that Wiesmann is preparing to launch its first car since the change in management. In October 2018, Contec posted a short video about Wiesmann with a bunch of buzzwords and nebulous imagery, and this week, we got a first look at the new ride. Sort of. Wiesmann's website shows a car under a sheet with a familiar shape, and a familiar grille. The company has also retained its gecko logo, which signifies how the cars stick to the road.

However, according to AutoRAI, which was linked to by Motor Authority, Wiesmann has developed a completely new car that will use a variation of BMW's M5 engine. If referring to the engine in the current M5, that means a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 that makes more than 600 horsepower. 

Wiesmann's new website will officially launch in September 2019, and we expect to see the new car around the same time, as well. 

Wiesmann Teaser

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