Karma Automotive SC1 Vision Concept to make North American debut at Pebble Beach

The BEV theoretically has autonomous capabilities

Karma Automotive SC1 Vision Concept
Karma Automotive SC1 Vision Concept
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The Karma Automotive SC1 Vision Concept was first unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2019, but the California-based manufacturer will display the SC1 in North America for the first time at the Concept Lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance.

Although the Vision Concepts we're most familiar with are associated with the Gran Turismo video game franchise, Karma's label is a bit more on the nose. The boutique manufacturer says this car displays the design characteristics and technology that could be integrated into future vehicles. And we hope it's not puffery, as the SC1 has a stunning presence and futuristic cabin.

Karma says the shape of the concept is inspired by the Hughes H-1 racing aircraft from the '30s. It has traditional Grand Touring proportions, with the cabin set extremely far back to allow for a massively long nose. The lack of roof, low-slung frameless windshield, and rear humps behind the seats give it speedster appeal, as well. Massive wheels and patented scissor doors (where you at, Russ Hanneman?) add extra style. 

Inside, the car has a gorgeous cockpit-style layout that separates driver from passenger. Exposed shredded and pressed carbon fiber flakes, similar to Lamborghini's Forged Composites, add exotic touches throughout the cabin, and two screens flank each side of the dashboard. 

Karma says the concept theoretically would have an electric powertrain, and the battery would be tucked into the center tunnel of the interior. Using eight radars, six Lidar sensors, and six exterior cameras, the car, if it were real, would also aim to have fully autonomous functionality – which, as a reminder, does not exist yet. Extra features include 5G connectivity, and biometric identification for personal settings. 

This beauty can be seen in person on August 18 at Pebble Beach Golf Links.

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