'Top Gear's' Chris Harris puts a Dallara Stradale through its paces

The Stig takes a lap too

Chris Harris has driven his fair share of interesting cars in his lifetime, but the Dallara Stradale has to be high on the list. Technically, the Stradale is a road car (as Stradale actually means road in Italian), but as you'll see in this "Top Gear" clip, the track is where it really shines. After all, it has a "naught-to-60" time of just over 3 seconds. Harris uses his time behind the wheel to talk about the car's largely carbon fiber construction, making it light enough to be extremely quick, and he praises the downforce of the vehicle before speeding it around a corner, marveling at how it feels almost stuck to the ground. Check out the video up top to watch the host zip around the track with commentary or hit the video below to watch The Stig do his Stig thing and manhandle the car around the track for a lap. And of course, don't forget to check out more "Top Gear" when it airs on BBC America at 8 p.m. ET Sundays.

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