Nissan recalls 91,319 Titans for potentially damaged alternator harnesses

An electrical short could stall the engine

Nissan North America has issued a recall for 91,319 of its 2017-2019 Nissan Titans. Affected pickups might have damaged alternator wiring harnesses that could short, which could potentially be dangerous to the driver and passengers.

According to NHTSA recall No. 19V495000, which was posted June 26, 2019, some alternator harnesses on 2017-2019 Titans might have been damaged during installation. According to the recall report, the damage might have occurred when the engine was lowered into place, as the edge of a metal frame bracket could have come in contact with the harness and pulled it out of place. In this position, the harness might be trapped against the bracket and friction could then damage the harness and wiring.

This damage could result in an electrical short, which might display itself through the radio cutting out or interior lights flickering. The in-and-out electricity could then drain the battery. In extreme cases, the short could cause a fire or could cause the engine to stall.

Nissan estimates that 1% of the trucks, which were built between April 14, 2016, and October 8, 2018, are actually defective. Nissan says it will call affected owners starting this month. The trucks will be inspected, and if the harness is out of place or damaged, it will be replaced or moved back into position. Call Nissan at 1-800-867-7669 for more information. 



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