'Top Gear' takes on the internet's questions

"Why is Paddy McGuinness doing Top Gear?"

In this charming clip the new "Top Gear" trio takes turns answering questions from the internet. If you've ever wondered how many world records Paddy McGuinness has (not nearly as many as Freddie), what Chris Harris drives (basically everything), or why Paddy McGuinness is doing "Top Gear" (the cash?), then you'll love watching the boys have a few laughs and roasting each other in classic "Top Gear" fashion. 

In the second clip, the crew plays a game of "would you rather." Some questions are goofy, some are childish, and some get genuinely tough. A personal favorite is "would you rather drive your first car for the rest of your life, or drive a Bugatti Chiron for a month and then never drive again." We might be tempted to go for the Bugatti, but the guys have an interesting conclusion. Check out the clips to see more from the trio.

"Top Gear" airs on BBC America Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

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