Ferrari 458 Challenge's door pummeled by passing Mazda

Pro tip: Check your mirrors

Sometimes, following the simplest rules of driving can make the biggest of differences. For example, had the driver of this Ferrari 458 Challenge racecar checked his mirror before getting out, maybe a passing car wouldn't have plowed into the door. Oops.

A viral video has been making the rounds this week showing a nightmare scenario between a track-focused Ferrari and a pedestrian Mazda sedan. The Ferrari is seen slowly driving through a tight street before stopping to talk to somebody through his extremely tiny race-adapted window. The driver is told to park on the side of the street, while onlookers take photos and video.

Unfortunately, the driver was so focused on parking and getting out, that he opened his door without checking for incoming traffic. The door swings open right before what appears to be a Mazda 3 drives through the street. The door is obliterated, and the video stops.

The 458 Challenge debuted in 2010. It has a 570-horsepower V8 from the 458 Italia, but its weight, handling, and driving characteristics were significantly altered for racing. The gear ratios and transmission were adjusted for better low-end torque, it has stiffer springs and a lower stance, upgraded brakes, and thinner body panels. Right now on DuPont Registry, there are a variety of 458 Challenges for sale ranging from about $125,000 to roughly $200,000.

All said, Challenge Ferraris are intended for track use only. Maybe the driver should have listened?

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