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Triumph Rocket 3 TFC is the brand's most powerful motorcycle

Get yours in December for $29,000

Triumph Rocket 3 TFC
Triumph Rocket 3 TFC / Image Credit: Triumph
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Triumph first introduced the world to its oversized Rocket 3 in 2004. Powered by a 2.3-liter inline-three-cylinder engine, the Rocket is basically an engine on wheels with a saddle. Now there's a new Rocket 3 from Triumph Factory Custom, which boasts an even larger and more powerful engine. In fact, the 168 horsepower and 163 pound-feet of torque spun out by its upsized 2.5-liter engine makes it the most powerful motorcycle Triumph has ever sold.

The Rocket 3 TFC weighs 648 pounds dry, which is 88 pounds lighter than the standard version. A good deal of that weight savings comes from an aluminum frame that houses the engine as a stressed member and a new single-sided swingarm. A 240mm tire dominates the rear of the bike, and carbon fiber bits and pieces join an Arrow exhaust system to make sure this custom stands out from other Rockets.

The 47mm inverted front fork and rear monoshock come from Showa, and the brakes are from Brembo. Cornering ABS and traction control help put all that power to the ground, and multiple riding modes can tailor the bike to the conditions and mood of the rider.

Triumph will make a total of 750 Rocket 3 TFCs, and, according to Asphalt & Rubber, 225 of them will come to the United States. Each of them will get a numbered plaque and a sticker price of $29,000. Deliveries are slated to start in December of 2019.

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