The Autoblog Blipshift T-shirt design contest has a winner

Let us introduce you to 'Shifty Business'

The Autoblog and Blipshift T-Shirt design contest has come to an end, and we officially have a winner. Many of you submitted great designs, but this one managed to capture the spirit of "My Self Driving" best.

It's called "Shifty Business," and embodies the theme of you being completely involved in the action of driving. If you feel inspired by the idea of "My Self Driving," go ahead and check out the T-shirt over at Blipshift.

Just like every other design sold on the site, the Autoblog shirt is only available for a limited time. This T-shirt is on sale today, but officially leaves the store Wednesday, May 1 at 11:59 p.m. So get it while it's hot, folks.

Here's the link to Blipshift if you'd like to grab "Shifty Business" for yourself.

Autoblog t-shirt design contest

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