Heavy flooding puts cars deep underwater at the Dallas airport

Incredible photos show vehicles with water cresting over their roofs

Heavy rain has affected the Dallas area the past few days, and cars are paying the price. Videos on social media and local news reports show an airport parking garage that has flooded, with water reaching up to some vehicles' roofs.

The worst of it all is at the parking garage closest to the terminal at Dallas Love Field. We can see from the video that there are a few inches of standing water on the ground level, but it gets much worse heading down into the basement. Reports from ABC and CBS local news stations estimate the number of cars already deeply submerged to be at least 30. Videos and pictures show that a lot of the sedans and smaller cars are flooded up past the windows, but there are a few SUVs and trucks still clinging to life among those that are definitely total losses.

This flooding is occurring due to the unseemly amount of rain the Dallas area has been experiencing lately. Most of the time we hear about Texas flooding in the Houston area from hurricanes and tropical storms. The residents of Dallas don't typically have to deal with this amount of water accumulation. News reports say that the city is bringing several water pumps to the parking garage before the situation becomes worse.

An NBC reporter tweeted a photo of a C6 Corvette just hours ago sitting in water that we'd estimate is about 4-5 inches deep. It's not done yet, with massive rain predicted for the Dallas area today.

The scene looks bleak now, with one of the reporters saying the water levels had risen a couple inches since he arrived this morning. Standing water is even starting to rise in upper levels due to various drainage problems. A lot of the vehicles in the videos here are a lost cause, but that's what insurance is for. We'll follow this one to see if the situation worsens or if crews are able to get it under control. One quick lesson we can all learn from an event like this: Don't park underground in areas prone to flooding.

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