Mustang driver arrested: He livestreamed, says he was doing 180 mph

He also says he's an internet celebrity

According to the Rankin County Sheriff's Office and Fox News, authorities have arrested a man in Mississippi who livestreamed driving a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 faster than 180 mph on public roads. The cops let him go at the time of pulling him over but later secured a search warrant to arrest him on multiple charges.

The self-proclaimed Internet celebrity filmed himself while claiming to drive his Mustang at speeds of 180 mph and faster throughout Rankin and Madison counties in Mississippi. Although it is obvious the driver is going fast in the video seen above, there is no visual evidence of how fast the car was actually going. It was fast enough to draw attention, however, and the man was pulled over in the video.

"I haven't been driving fast," he told the cops. He apparently doesn't have a driver's license in the encounter but has a photo of it. "The lady at Hooters kept it," he explains.

The police let the driver go, but seeing the footage on YouTube prompted additional research. Authorities reportedly found that he had felony arrests in Colorado, Texas, Florida, and Mississippi. Additionally, social media posts showed the man with firearms.

With this information, authorities were able to get a search warrant and charged the man with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and reckless driving. They also seized the Mustang and plan to look at the car's data to further investigate the speeding incident.

Judge Kent McDaniel of the Rankin County Court reportedly set bail at $20,000. The case will now move to the Rankin County District Attorney and the Rankin County Grand Jury. Read the Sheriff's Office's post for more information.

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