Tesla reportedly has 3,000 Model 3s in stock at tax-credit deadline

Elon Musk promised to pay the difference on cars ordered but not delivered

Tesla had over 3,000 Model 3s left in inventory in the United States as of Sunday, a website reported on Monday, citing people familiar with the matter.

The electric-car maker has been urging buyers to make use of the federal tax credit, with Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk reminding them on Twitter on Saturday that the benefit would drop to half beginning in 2019.

The report by Electrek, citing sources, said while the automaker is expected to deliver some vehicles on the last day of the year, it is not possible for Tesla to go through the whole inventory.

Shares of the company fell nearly 2 percent after the report. Tesla was not immediately available for comment. Tesla had earlier said it was "doing everything" to ensure those who ordered a vehicle as late as Dec. 20 could take deliveries by Dec. 31.

Musk has promised to reimburse customers if delivery delays cause them to miss out on the full $7,500 tax credit. The tax credit shrinks by 50 percent on Jan. 1, to $3,750. If Tesla were to pay the $3,750 difference between credit amounts on 3,000 cars, it would cost the company more than $11 million.

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