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What's the most famous movie motorhome? OK, besides the EM50 from "Stripes." Or Cousin Eddie's "tenement on wheels" from "Christmas Vacation." That's right, it's probably the Winnebago seen in the 1987 Mel Brooks spoof "Spaceballs," the RV/spacecraft piloted by John Candy and Bill Pullman as a play on the Millennium Falcon. A real Winnebago was used for filming, including the interior scenes, but exterior special effects scenes were filmed using a 1/12-scale model that's now coming up for auction.

The filming model was retained by the modelmaker Grant McCune, who also created a number of space props for classic Sci-Fi in his day, including droid and alien models for "Star Wars" and "Star Trek," and who was also involved in building the shark for "Jaws" (1975). It's a given that most of the stuff McCune worked with was a fair deal more streamlined than a rough-looking Winnebago with wings, but the success of his Eagle 5 creation cannot be denied. After McCune passed away in 2010, the model went for a convention tour along with some of his other works.

The "Spaceballs" Eagle 5 Winnebago model is said to have been auctioned already in June 2017 with a final sale price of $28,800, a price good enough to buy a 1:1 scale Winnebago. Despite this, the model is coming up for sale again with an estimate of roughly half that, from $12,000 to $15,000. Not a bad idea gift idea for the SciFi nerd or Mel Brooks fan who has everything. The Profiles in History Hollywood Auction will be held on Dec. 11.

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