'Spaceballs' Winnebago model to be auctioned

The Eagle 5 will go under the hammer in December

What's the most famous movie motorhome? OK, besides the EM50 from " Stripes." Or Cousin Eddie's "tenement on wheels" from " Christmas Vacation." That's right, it's probably the Winnebago seen in the 1987 Mel Brooks spoof " Spaceballs," the RV/spacecraft piloted by John Candy and Bill Pullman as a play on the Millennium Falcon. A real Winnebago was used for filming, including the interior scenes, but exterior special effects scenes were filmed using a 1/12-scale model that's now coming up for auction.

The filming model was retained by the modelmaker Grant McCune, who also created a number of space props for classic Sci-Fi in his day, including droid and alien models for " Star Wars" and " Star Trek," and who was also involved in building the shark for " Jaws" (1975). It's a given that most of the stuff McCune worked with was a fair deal more streamlined than a rough-looking Winnebago with wings, but the success of his Eagle 5 creation cannot be denied. After McCune passed away in 2010, the model went for a convention tour along with some of his other works.

The " Spaceballs" Eagle 5 Winnebago model is said to have been auctioned already in June 2017 with a final sale price of $28,800, a price good enough to buy a 1:1 scale Winnebago. Despite this, the model is coming up for sale again with an estimate of roughly half that, from $12,000 to $15,000. Not a bad idea gift idea for the SciFi nerd or Mel Brooks fan who has everything. The Profiles in History Hollywood Auction will be held on Dec. 11.

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