Tesla-branded surfboard sells out in less than a day

Carbon-fiber board will be built by Lost Surfboards

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Like most automakers, Tesla sells a number of branded products. On its website, you'll find everything from hats to T-shirts to a small Supercharger station that can be used to charge your phone, all painted red, black and white and branded with the Tesla logo. Recently, Tesla teamed up with Lost Surfboards for a new, extremely limited-edition product. Only 200 of these red and black surfboards will be built, and, despite the $1,500 price, they're all sold out.

Tesla's website says the 6-feet-8-inch board should fit inside a Model S, Model X and Model 3. The surfboards and feature Tesla logos on both sides. The board is reinforced with carbon fiber while the bottom uses two layers of 4-ounce cloth. The fins are not included.

Although the board went up on Tesla's website over the weekend, it appears to have sold out in less than a day. If you scored one, expect a wait of up to 10 weeks for delivery. If you missed it, keep an eye out on eBay. Just be prepared to pay a hefty markup.

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