Lexus LFA art car is here to celebrate 10 years of Toyota performance

The car will join the RC F GT3 this weekend at Spa

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The Lexus LFA hasn't been in production since 2012, but there are still a few sitting on dealer lots. It's a shame, as Lexus' super GT is a pretty phenomenal machine. Lexus seems to think so too, as it's still doing a bit to promote the car and its relevance to the F performance sub-brand. In order to celebrate 10 years of F and the RC F GT3's debut at the 24 Hours of Spa, Lexus revealed a new LFA art car.

Like the BMW art cars, the LFA is used as a canvas by a professional artist, in this case Portugal's Pedro Henriques. The car features a black and white paint scheme, with flowing lines and strips along the bodywork. The car itself features a fixed rear wing and a screaming 553-horsepower naturally aspirated V10.

While the LFA won't race, it will join the RC F GT3 on track this weekend as a parade car.

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