Fighting pollution with vertical gardens on highway pillars

Saving the world and adding some beauty to the landscape all in one

Via Verde are vertical gardens growing on highway pillars in Mexico City, Mexico. More than 1,000 concrete columns on Mexico City's Beltway are being used to grow plants. That's over 645,000 square feet of carbon-dioxide-fighting greenery.

The Via Verde project is funded by multiple private-sector investors. The aim is to improve air quality, lower noise pollution, beautify the dull grey highway, and lower stress. The plants get water from rain and grow in 100% recycled textiles instead of dirt.

Mexico City is home to 22 million people. The air quality is the worst in all of Latin America, and in the top 15 worst in the world. The Via Verde highway project seems like a good-looking step in the right direction. Green with envy? Share if you wanna follow Mexico's lead.

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