Truckers help troopers prevent man from jumping off Michigan bridge

Your feel-good story for the day

Life is full of really depressing news stories, so here's one to make you feel better. According to Fox 2, a man was attempting to commit suicide by jumping off an overpass on I-696 between Huntington Woods and Oak Park in Michigan, a bit north of Detroit. The news source says a call came in at 1 a.m. reporting the man on the bridge.

Police reported to the scene, and according to The Detroit News, Michigan State Police closed down the highway in each direction. Once that was done, they started getting volunteer truckers to pull their trucks underneath in each lane and on the shoulders so that if the man did jump, it was less likely the fall would be fatal. The results are visible in the photo above from the Michigan State Police Twitter account.

In the end, Fox 2 reports that police managed to talk the man away from the edge, and he was taken to a hospital. The road reopened around 4 a.m.

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